Italy Things and Disney Scenes

Welcome! This blog is dedicated to my trip in Italy along with things I enjoy and love! Please feel free to leave any comments and have a wonderful day! Also, if you want more Disney, follow me on imgfave!

Profile Porn. Neck Porn. Hair Porn. All Porn.

Bahahaah the caption got me


Profile Porn. Neck Porn. Hair Porn. All Porn.

Bahahaah the caption got me

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Hello everyone! 
As you can see I am making a new blog. Don’t freak! This is a school project. If you like Shakespeare, then you might want to read along. I am giving Bianca from Taming of the Shrew a tumblr where she will write her feelings down! Her sister, (Katharine who another girl in my class is doing) will be commenting on her updates so there should be some excellent banter! HAPPY THANKSGIVING BY THE WAY!

Hello everyone! I am gonna try this new thing with mini work outs everyday and posting at least once a week! Check out what is going on daily! Starting Monday I will also be competing in my school’s Human’s vs. Zombies week! Here is an awesome video of a school’s HvZ week!


Magic mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all?

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The Fresh Princess of Scotland



In 10th-century Scotland, born and raised,

On the shooting field, where I spent most of my days,

Shooting some arrows, relaxin’ all cool,

Swordfightin’ with my father and slackin’ off of school,

When a couple of lords, each showed up with a son,

Macintosh, Dingwall, and MacGuffin,

I got a little upset, and my mom took a stand and said,

“You’re gonna let these suitors compete fer yer hand!”

This is so brilliant I cried.

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Sorry for the delay..

Hello to anyone who may follow/want to follow in near future/ if anyone cares…

I am going to be starting another blog dedicated to how Disney gives you hope. I have no clue if one already exists but I thought about it and I might as well try. 

Oh, and the delay has been mainly because I am in the process of moving out/had surgery about a month ago. I will return!



Brave Premiere- My DisneyBound

This is what I am wearing tonight to see the opening of Brave! 


You get to see what I look like. Shocking! :)

My bear necklace! 


Drag the image to tell your Disney Princess story. 

Funny! I got Snow White, Pascal, Aladdin, living in China, raised by the Chieftan and trying to avoid Maleficent!

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